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    There are over 2 million homeless children each year and counting. This could be for countless reasons such as unhealthy homes due to domestic violence and becoming homeless, or substance abuse parents and somtimes even deaths of parents. No child should have to face the world alone, or be forced to live in a crowded environment where the  temporary guardians  are not mentally prepared  to nurture the mind.

    Free Service/Resource Center

    We create a safe haven for mothers looking to escape abusive environments, we also create a safe haven for runaway youths, we provide a safe and secured environment for them to work on their new chapter. This includes a variety of health and wellness programs.

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    Our Star family aims to lower the homeless rates one child at a time. With every penny given, we are one step closer to giving a new child a home. No donation is too small or too big. We also accept other types of donations, please contact our team to donate other items to our family. Each donor revives a special gift and a certificate to show our appreciation for your generous charity. Join our cause in creating foster homes for long, short and emergency care for domestic mothers and youths.

    Our Services

    Parents Club

    Our Parenting club offers a variety of recreation aimed to influence a healthy lifestyle and therapeutic activities. To accomplish this successfully, 

    We aim to partner with a daycare center,  offering full babysitting service by May 2018. This will include a well rounded learning environment, where each child would be well nourished with all the world has to offer. This service will have professional baby nurses and teachers with experience and a passion for what they do, and an up to date curriculum. call now for more information.

    Teen Program

    Ever wondered where the teens go after they are kicked out of the foster system due to their age?

     More than 240,000 children exited the foster care system in 2015, according to the KIDS COUNT Data Center.
     Help us give these children hope, and scholarships along with tutors and counselors to assist them all the way through there entire year of college free. We even assist them with landing a job, we offer career workshops, group therapy sessions and personalized therapy sessions, daycare services for teen moms, clothes, food, even resources for housing. English classes are new for all ages and we are always adding programs every day, and most of all, a safe place to stay.

    Volunteer Opportunities

    We are always hiring volunteers, most teens are either homeless after leaving the foster system, or unhealthy environments, pregnant, or dropping out of school. Many teens have no job experience to gain a good job, we offer training and volunteer hands on opportunities and placements in a variety of professions. This service is currently open to the community. call us now and to learn how donating just an hour of your time can make a difference in a child's life forever.

    Complete List of Services

    Our Star Family, Inc. offers:

    We currently offer FREE

    Virtual tutoring 

    Group / Private Therapy 

    College and G.E.D. Registration and Assistance 

    Career Building/ Job Prep/ Career Workshops 



    Job Placement

    Baby Nurse Referrals 

    English Beginner's Class 

    Family Therapy Sessions /Couple's Therapy Sessions  

    Housing Assistance 

    Entrepreneur Development & Assistance 

    Community Therapeutic Events  Parents Workshop /Children Workshop

     Teen Career Start To Finish Program/ street awareness/ ...

    Most of our services are virtual, you would never have to travel long distances or find a sitter, in order  to participate.

    Coming soon

    Teen After School Programs/ Scouts

    Driving Lessons  

    Shelter/ Foster Homes/ Housing Placement for Foster Children and Families

    Career Trade Certifications 

    Day Care For Foster Children  and Foster Families